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Volunteer Opportunities: Community Service Programs in Ecuador, South America

Want to make a difference but can’t find the program looking for? Try ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs. We organize fun, exciting, cultural and educational opportunities for everyone interested in learning or experiencing abroad.

Are you thinking of ways to help communities? Are you passionate and want to volunteer? If so, you are in the right place. ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs offers a broad range of ongoing meaningful and rewarding community service programs for motivated individuals, groups, families, clubs, associations, high school or college students, etc. Whatever your skills, age, gender, race, religion, passion or free time to serve, there are always opportunities for volunteering in Ecuador and you are welcome to bring your talents and help to make a positive impact in the lives of Ecuadorian people and their communities.

Many of our volunteers are actively involved in one or more of our community service projects such as: childcare, healthcare, elderly care, animal welfare, teaching/education, general conservation, construction work, veterinary medicine, sport coaching,, etc. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please send us your inquiries.

Our community service programs range in length from two to twenty four weeks and are available during the whole year.

Group Adventure

Have you ever dreamed being overseas? Are you looking to explore another country with your friends or family? Whether you're planning a family trip or an adventure with friends, ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs can help you. We organize custom community service programs combined with cultural immersion and adventure experiences.

Live and work in a community while contributing to a development project and experience the adventure of your life

We will be very pleased to work with you to customize the program of your dreams.



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